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Cynthia Maddox


My Quote Coming Soon

I was raised in a middle-class family where Christian principles were instilled and obeyed. My dad was an ordained Minister, counselor, store proprietor and World War II US Army veteran. My mother was a fashion designer, shrewd negotiator, community activist, horticulturist, shoe model, who wore a perfect size 4B, back in the day. My parents and siblings were multi-talented in both Arts and Sciences. Family members garnered achievements from Dean’s List to participation in theatrical and musical productions. Various Maddox family members played piano, trumpet, drums, harp, guitar, etc. I’m a Classically trained soprano with a 4-octave range, an entertainer, songwriter, and author of poetry and short stories, etc.  As a career educator, I taught grades k-12, learning disadvantaged students and served as an Administrator at Day Care, K-12 schools, Job Training and Community Action programs, etc. Degrees I’ve earned are: DPS in Computing, CAS in Ed Administration, MS in Learning Disabilities and BA in English.

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