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Investor Relations

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It is generally not possible to invest in major or established television series or studio films per se, as they are funded by entertainment banking deals or as part of an equity investment deal. 

Control of information in the media world is big money and big business as it is only shared with a few. In other words, 99% of the wealth in media is distributed with the one percent. 

One Family Media Group, LLC is using a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) which can help individual investors create wealth in the entertainment business. 

One Family Media Group provides wealth building alternatives previously only offered to wealthy investors or institutions. Now you have the opportunity to become part-owner of One Family Media Group, LLC by investing in our Series A round. 


Mitigate your risk from market volatility. Build a stronger, more diversified portfolio.

Is it possible to invest in the production of a film or TV series?

Mitigate your risk from market volatility. Building a stronger, more diversified portfolio are just two reasons why you should invest into a fast growing media company like us. 

BUT! Why us? 

Because we seek to build a powerful worldwide presence using advance technologies, media and social media distribution sources. Our Company strives to create and maintain a diverse community that showcases a multitude of entertaining quality content provided by talented content creators and producers.


The “unsolicited material” rules that restrict the media industry have no place in our community.


Would you like to know more? 


Why invest into One Family Media Group, LLC? 

Series A Raise!

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